As we get older, one of the many things we need to do, probably the most important thing, is to maintain our health. Balancing a healthy life style through diet and exercise is not just a buzz phrase; it is a vitally important way of life we should adapt in our youth and carry long into our twilight years.

Exercising as an older adult can get kinda tricky though. Bones are (possibly) more brittle, muscle are not as agile and more often than not, there are a world of health issues that must be dealt with. The precautions older adults need to take are simply par for the course. But, there's hope. If we stay as fit & healthy as possible while we are young, then as we get older, it will be just a matter of maintaining the life style we have been accustomed to for many years. There are many low impact exercises older adults can engage in as a way to stay healthy. One such way is through Tai Chi.

The Senior Center for Creative Living Hosts a weekly Tai Chi Class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11am. There is plenty of room in the class for seniors to join and become active .

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