Between his hunting shows and reality series, Ted Nugent has become something of a television fixture over the last decade and change, but if the numbers for his most recent special are any indication, viewers might be looking for a little less Uncle Ted.

The Discovery Channel has announced that Nugent's October special for the network, 'Ted Nugent's Gun Country,' didn't draw enough of an audience to justify bringing it back -- despite Nugent's public insistence that it would lead to "at least a dozen shows a year." According to Nielsen, the special attracted around 864,000 viewers, but sources at the network deny they ever planned to turn it into a series.

An unnamed network representative was a little more forceful when speaking to Raw Story, asserting that Nugent will "not be returning to the channel in any form or fashion." Given his history of inflammatory statements, as well as the content of 'Gun Country' -- which included Nugent talking to end-times 'preppers' about the coming 'zombie apocalypse' and shooting an animal that's been classified as extinct in the wild -- it's easy to understand the network's skittishness following last week's tragedy in Newton, Conn.