The Henry Post Army Airfield will celebrate its 100th Anniversary Celebration on April 6th & April 7th. A full day of festivities are planned for the whole community.

On Friday, April 6th, Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band will provide a live concert covering hits from every genre. This entertaining and morale boosting concert will provide a day full of honor, gratitude and rock & roll! Tickets are not required to enter and everyone is welcome

On Saturday, April 7th, gates open at 9:30am, and the official start of the Centennial will begin at 10:00am. There will be aviation aircraft, field artillery and air defense artillery on full display for the entire community. The highlight of the event and what everyone is looking forward to I'm sure, is seeing the acrobatic airshow demonstration up close and personal.

Make sure you come early on both days to get a good view of both the concert and the airshow. It will be an amazing Centennial Celebration not only for the Fort Sill Henry Post Army Airfield, but for the entire Lawton/Fort Sill community.

You can find all of the event details here.

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