For the longest time, I've thought that really nothing could surprise me. I think most of us feel this way. We're all just so connected to the rest of the world online, we've never been so in-tune with anything and everything this world experiences. From riots here at home to those in Hong Kong, natural disasters in Texas towns and those in places like Argentina. The internet really has made all news local news... but once in a while, you get surprised.

Critter and I were having some rare days off this past weekend and we lived it up. We loaded up and headed over to Duncan for our usual self-given reward for going above and beyond. If we don't treat ourselves, nobody will right? Ordering with our eyes instead of realistically with our appetites, we somehow each ended up with a few extra pizza's at Mazzio's. Best chain pizza in the world if you didn't know. Trying to visit the same old haunts we usually do while in D-Town, it was hard to not notice how many places been hit by the covid. After seeing empty shelves at the few gun stores over there, we decided to cut and run early and visit our friends over at Ares State Armory. We figured "People will be at the gun show, Ares might actually be empty right now."

Yes and no.

That specific moment when we pulled up had to be the only time in the past year the parking lot wasn't jam packed. Ares is almost always bustling these days, so we popped in for a visit. Ever since the day they opened, the guys at Ares have always been super cool. "Want to put your hands on a ten thousand dollar rifle? Here you go." This time was no different, except it was.

In showing off a little piece of titanium class three awesomeness, in talking about how lightweight it is, it somehow got screwed on to the tiniest little pistol in the shop. You've already seen it, but I'm showing you again... Look at this thing!


Is it not adorable in the same way babies are so ugly they're actually cute? Shockingly, and true to the words out of their mouths, that silencer (know your history, it's the correct terminology) can't be felt even though it's longer than the hand-cannon it's screwed to. It gave us all a good laugh, and that's the type of moment everyone should latch onto this day in age. Thought you might get a quiet, solemn laughing little exhale out of it too.

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