By now, we are all fully aware of the flu epidemic happening across our nation. It's all over the news and every where on social media, so if you haven't heard about it, you either live under a rock or you have successfully avoided all forms of media and the flu epidemic to boot. Congratulations.

For everyone else, we've spent the last couple of weeks doing whatever necessary to protect ourselves. From flu shots, to multiple quantities of Airborne, ill-advised preemptive doses of cold medicine and the avoidance of all human contact; we are all doing the most trying not to get sick.

No need to fear, very opinionated help is here. Strengthening your bodies immune system through natural means with vitamin d, vitamin c, and getting some rest are a few helpful ideas. Check out the following video of a doctor who has some strong suggestions about what else we need to do instead of promoting, participating and propagating flu panic.

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