'The Walking Dead' will be upon us all again in less than a month's time, but what of those already hungry for the second half of season 4? Feast your eyes on the latest trailer for the AMC horror smash's return on February 9, and find out what's on the horizon for Rick, Daryl and all the others scattered to the wind!

AMC's latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 trailer catches us up a bit with the various groups' fates after - SPOILER ALERT - the Governor's final assault destroyed any security to the prison, forcing the different groups to splinter off in the chaos of their escape. Apart from new looks at Rick and Carl's odyssey, the latest footage sees Beth getting weepy with Daryl, while a few brief shots might reveal that some of the Governor's forces could have survived long enough to escape on their own!

It remains to be seen when we’ll catch up with the other survivors, though we at least know of a trio of new faces will cross paths with one of the divided groups. The Governor certainly won’t be back (or will he?), meaning the survivors will likely encounter some new dangers out on the open road, as well. We also saw the first photo of the latter eight episodes, featuring Carl ignoring the warning of the season 4B poster by looking back instead of at the walkers ahead! Silly Carl.

Well, what do you think? Take a look at the latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 trailer above, and tell us what spoilers you spot before the February 9 premiere!