Get ready for 'Warlock & Wizards Day' in Lawton, Fort Sill coming up this Monday, May 2nd (05-02-22) presented by the Owen Multipurpose Center and the City of Lawton Parks and Recreation department.

Muggles beware! Calling all fans of Harry Potter, you won't want to miss this special event. 'Warlock & Wizards Day' will be held from 2:00-pm to 6:00-pm this Monday (05-02-22) at the Owen Multipurpose Center located at 1405 SW 11th Street in Lawton, OK. It's going to be a magical time, guaranteed!

Come dressed in costume and make sure you bring your wands. There's going to be a movie, games, prizes, arts & crafts and a whole lot more. Here's the best part, IT'S FREE to attend, yes even if you're a Muggle!

City of Lawton- Parks & Recreation
City of Lawton- Parks & Recreation

You can get all the details by clicking on the picture or graphic above. This sounds like a great time for the kids, who am I kidding? It sounds like a great time for the whole family, young and old alike!

As hard as it's been lately we could all use a break. Times are tough, we're certainly overdue for some fun and we're definitely overdue for some magic, that's for sure! Now I have to decide on my costume.

A BIG THANKS to all the staff at the Owens Multipurpose Center along with the City of Lawton Parks and Recreation Department, not to mention all the volunteers, for putting this on, we really appreciate it.

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