I have worked for KLAW radio since 1999, and in all of that time, the Art Gallery has always been there.  More specifically the Leslie Powell Foundation gallery.  We are practically neighbors.  On the occasion when I have had to park down the block, I've always admired the art on display in the huge front showrooms.

I have a friend who is an artist, and art shows and gallery openings are something that he is very familiar with.  I, on the other hand am not.  I say I have good taste when it comes to interior design, but, I would never classify myself as an artist.  I can't draw a straight line!

I've always admired those who could take an idea and make it into something extraordinary.  My friend is like that.  He sculpts metal.  I have several pieces that he has made for me.  One of my favorite pieces is one that he did to commemorate my mother. She had a metal fridge magnet that I had always loved, and he enlarged it a gazillion times and created an amazing piece of art for my wall.  Who does that?  Not I!  I can crochet, I can do needlework, but neither could be called art.  I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but nothing I have created could be described as beautiful!

The Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery like many other non- profit organizations suffered during the Pandemic, so it is great news that they are announcing 3 new art exhibitions that will be opening next month, with a reception opening on May 15th!

Press Release, May Show 2021(1)-page0001

See local and area artists in 3 new exhibitions at the Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery, 620 SW D Ave, in Downtown Lawton.

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