It would seem that Tim Burton has been making weird versions of already-weird stuff since the beginning of his career. Back in 1982, he made a version of the classic fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel' for Disney. When the Mouseketeer executives actually saw what Burton had wrought, they quickly tried to bury this thing they'd unwittingly enabled.

But the age of rarity in media is over. All it takes is for one person to discover an old VHS copy of something, then it's up on the Internet. From there, getting rid of one video becomes as difficult as exterminating roaches, if not more difficult. We'll see how long this stays up, but we're guessing if it's not up here, it'll pop up somewhere else.

As for Burton's vision of the Grimm tale -- which aired once on the fledgling Disney Channel back in the day -- it's arguably the weirdest thing he's ever done. The children's father is a maker of some of the most oddball toys ever, and their evil stepmother yells at them and hogs all of the gruel.

And the witch's candy house? Well, it's not made of gingerbread. Instead, it's made of some rubbery material that bleeds goo of a wide variety of colors, which the kids lap up with unsettling enthusiasm. Even if you don't watch the entire video, at least skip to 17:19 to see the witch's house.