The wait is almost over, it's just a few short days away. The MEGA three day, three stage live music festival Rocklahoma is making it's magnificent and triumphant return this Labor Day weekend Friday, September 3rd through Sunday, September 5th. If you're planning to head to Pryor, OK. to the "Catch the Fever Festival Fairgrounds" for ROK21 make sure you register your wristband on the official Rocklahoma mobile app.

To get the app all you have to do is go to the App Store or Google Play. If you have an iPhone grab it here if you have an Android get it here. It quick, easy and free to download and use.  You'll need to make sure you download the app onto your phone and register your wristbands before you hit the entry at Rocklahoma.

PRO-TIP: Don't put it on and tighten it up before register it, or it'll be really difficult to read the code on the back. A wristband can only be registered once and cannot be changed, so each person needs to register their own. It's super easy to do using the app so make sure you get it done before you get there. See below:

Rocklahoma Mobile App

Another quick tip on the wristbands. When you put it on DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Otherwise you'll have a very long, uncomfortable weekend as your right hand turns purple. When you're putting it on make sure you can place your index finger between your wrist and the wristband that way it won't be too tight. Just tight enough to avoid slipping off. The lock slides on the wristbands are one way only and cannot be loosened.

You'll not only need the Rocklahoma app to register your wristband, you'll need it throughout the entire festival. The app comes in super handy and will have all the daily line-ups so you know where to go and when to be there. It has maps of the festival grounds with everything clearly marked including stages, bathrooms, vendors, campgrounds, bars, and more. This app has everything you'll need, but wait there's more...

The app not only has all the details you'll need to really make the most out of your Rocklahoma experience it also has a selfie studio. That's right you can take a cool selfie using several different frames and options using the app. There's the Freedom Frame, Shades Frame, Riffs Frame and the Roses Frame.

Rocklahoma Mobile App

Another great feature of the Rocklahoma app is the alerts and app pushes option. I'd highly suggest that you turn it on. You'll receive notices throughout the weekend and announcements of any changes, updates or news about the festival. They do a great job of keeping everyone informed.

Of course they'll be making announcements from the stages and on the big screens, but it's nice having the app just in case you missed something. I mean do you really want to miss an important announcement because you were in the bathroom, or in the campgrounds? I think not!

Rocklahoma Mobile App


I can't think of a better way to wrap up the Summer than a big three day party with like minded people! It'll kick off this Friday (09-03-21) and run until Sunday (09-05-21).

If you're planning to make the trip and will be in attendance for this year's Rocklahoma I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Stop by "Radio Row" Z94 will be there broadcasting live all Labor Day weekend bringing you all the front row and backstage insanity that it Rocklahoma. We're just a short t-minus day and counting...

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