Earlier this week on Tuesday (12-08-20) Mayor Stan Booker along with several community leaders and the City Council signed a proclamation and pledge declaring today (12-11-20) officially "Healthcare Heroes Day" in Lawton, Fort Sill. Our healthcare professionals certainly deserve our thanks and appreciation.  

Our healthcare workers have been on the front-lines of the pandemic since the very beginning. Here in S.W. Oklahoma and Lawton, Fort Sill our hospitals and clinics have been doing everything they can to help those who have been infected by the virus. Hospitals have been at full capacity and at times overflowing. We've seen a surge recently with the number of new positive cases and hospitalizations.

These heroes have been working non-stop providing patients and their families the best care possible throughout the pandemic. A lot of times due to staffing they're working double and even triple shifts to help out. Our doctors, nurses and everyone else who work at the hospitals and clinics more than deserve our thanks and appreciation. We can't thank them enough for all they've done and continue to do for us.

So make sure you thank these heroes and let them know how much you appreciate them on "Healthcare Heroes Day." If you're a healthcare professional yourself we want to thank you for all you're doing.

If you know someone who works in the medical field be sure to thank them and let them know we're all grateful and indebted to them. Maybe post something on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages in support of these heroes as well. Lets do our part to show our thanks and appreciation to all our healthcare professionals not just today, but everyday.

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