James Gandolfini may be gone, but we can learn a lot from the legacy of Tony Soprano. 

Don’t let anything stand in your way – If you want to successful then you have to do whatever it takes to obtain your goal. Mafia members usually result to violence and break the law to obtain their goals but you should be able to obtain yours without turning to criminal activities.

Show some respect – In every industry there are always a few individuals that are looked up to. There usually is a reason for this and instead of being jealous or talking trash, you need to start showing some respect. Without those industry leaders your industry probably would not be where it is today.

Patience is a virtue – You may want to be the big boss, but you need to work your way up to it. You can’t have everything you want right away and there is not much you can do about it (unless you want to whack everyone ahead of you).

The smartest route isn’t always the easiest one – In most cases there will be multiple paths to obtaining your goals. Instead of going with the easy route, you need to go with the smart route.

Think things over – If you are angry or desperate you probably start acting based off your instincts in hopes of satisfying your feelings. Instead of acting on things right away, start thinking things over because then you will be able to act based on logic instead of on feelings.

Friends and family first – Money and fame are great things to have but at the end of the day you are nothing without your friends or family. Do not let things get to your head in life and make sure your respect and embrace your friends and family.

Don’t show off – There is nothing wrong with buying nice things every once in a while but don’t buy something just to show off. Although attention is good, if you are someone worth knowing sooner or later people will get to know you. People who just show off draw too much attention and in many cases are hated by others due to jealousy.

Gain a backbone – If you don’t stand up for yourself people will just walk all over you. If you let people walk all over you it will not stop and it will not get you where you want to be in life.

If you want it, then earn it – Don’t expect things to be handed to you in life. Your family’s name or money can only get you so far in life. These days the up and coming millionaires aren’t having it all handed to them, but instead are working hard for it.

Money doesn’t always buy happiness – You need to do what you like in life or else you may not be happy. Granted, money does make life easier, but it does not mean you are going to be happy forever because of money.

Follow the unwritten rules in life – Some of the most important rules in life and the ones that are not written. If you want to succeed in many cases you have to follow these rules or else you will be disowned from your community.


source: quicksprout