They may have forgotten to tell Southwest Oklahoma about it, but there's still time to enter the travel contest from the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Here's how it works... There are 25 total Oklahoma Historical Society museums and historical sites in the state. The person that visits the most in the month of March will get a big ole swag bag, plus one of two grand prize options.

You can either choose to name a baby bison at the Pawnee Bill Ranch... Or take a ride on a historically correct keelboat at Fort Gibson later this summer. The choice is yours.

It's easy to play along too. All you have to do is visit a historical site, take a photo of while there, and hashtag it #ExploreOHS on social media. You can do it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The Rules:

You're only allowed one qualifying visit to each site. You must snap a pic that clearly identifies which site you're at. You have to show up and explore during the museum/site's open hours of operation.

A winner will be picked and notified on April, 3rd via social media.

There is a little additional fine print to the contest as well... ie- OHS gets oversight on what the baby bison could be named... No Bison McBisonface, probably... all of which you can read about on the official contest page.

If you travel, explore. While seeing the Oklahoma Historical Society museums and sites are the point of this contest, don't get wrapped up in thinking that's all there is to see in the state. Don't skimp out on the really good stuff just to win the OHS prize.

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