Just flashes after daybreak, Troye Sivan forewarned us of a special surprise he promised to reveal during the wee hours of the night on Thursday (March 1).

"Something really fun is coming out tonight," the pop singer teased in a playful tweet, indicating wonders ahead.

In what fashion would this conspicuous surprise arrive? We hadn't a clue.

Among our most forward-looking theories, however, included: a surprise tour to beacon the South African-born artist's world domination, a follow-up single as juicy and beguiling as its touchy-feely forerunner "My My My!," a (long-delayed) sophomore album to chase the success of Sivan's 2015 smash LP Blue Neighbourhood, or, even better — all of the above.

Well, as it turns out, at least one of our suspicions were accurate: the "Heaven" performer just dropped a new tune in the manner of an EDM-inspired remix of his most recent bop, "My My My!," reconstructed by none other than the electronic music collective Cash Cash.

With the DJ trio's snappy technopop components and a newly-refreshed uptempo cadence, this new remastering sets itself apart from the original as its own club anthem.

Listen to the "My My My!" (Cash Cash Remix), below.

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