Oklahoma is buzzin' with the current production of "Twisters," which until recently was being touted as a sequel to the 1996 hit "Twister." But as the movie continues filming in Oklahoma, more and more curiosity about the film and its synopsis have stirred, and we may have some answers.

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According to an article from Deadline, published in October 2022, "Twisters" was considered to the be the sequel to "Twister" and set to focus on the daughter of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton's characters who inherited a passion for storm chasing from her parents. It's been reported that Daisy Edgar-Jones is playing the daughter character, but whether or not Hunt is involved in the film is still a mystery.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Without Hunt, it's being speculated that "Twisters" won't be a sequel.

Instead, "Twisters" might be something of a continuation or a next chapter in the "Twister" universe with completely new, original characters. Other actors tied to the project include Glen Powell and Anthony Ramos, and Lee Isaac Chung is rumored to be directing. We can confirm that Powell is in "Twisters" as he has already been spotted at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

When will we get a "Twisters" trailer? When will "Twisters" premiere?

Considering that "Twisters" just started filming in Oklahoma on Monday, May 8, it will definitely be a while before we get a trailer. But it's been rumored that "Twisters" is to hit theaters July 19, 2024, and probably will be available on streaming platforms soon after.

So if you see any movie stars with "Twisters" in Oklahoma or if you've heard anything about the movie's plot, release date, etc., send us a message on our official station app!

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