I recently attended a seminar where one of the speakers declared that, "Five years after you've complete your degree, everything you learned becomes obsolete."

This was slightly jolting for me to absorb. I began to think about the five-figured debt I'd accumulated over the years trying to "upgrade" myself with education; reassuring myself that once I was done...I was done (and set) for good. Then, here comes this guy telling me that it was all for naught. I can't really "say" what my next thoughts were other than the fact that they were filled with lots of curse words and growls...grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

The lack of employability skills is a dilemma faced by millions of people in today's job-market. To better approach this dilemma, I believe one should start slow. Take baby- steps. Especially if you haven't been to school or taken a class in years...or ever for that matter!

There are lots of classes offered locally that would be great resume builders for this demographic. These classes are short, sweet and to the point; with no heavy lifting, but would look great on a resume. The more in-depth courses can come later.

Some ideas for some quick classes to take to increase your employability skills are classes such as Computer Software Basics, CPR for Health Care Providers, First Aid, , Conversational Spanish and English as a Second Language. There's are even Food Handler's License classes held at Lawton City Hall that would be a great upgrade s well.

This is a very selective/subjective list based on personal opinion. Great Plains Technology Center also has general interest classes people can take for fun, entertainment & enjoyment purposes; but these are classes (I feel) would best upgrade a job/career resume.

Below is an edited list of interesting classes, but you can check out the full list of the GPTC Career Education Programs here.

Great Plains Technology Resume (Upgrade) Classes

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