Now that Labor Day has past, there is a storm on the horizon that no one wants to look at or hear about and it will affect you in one way or another. The United States Postal Service is so broke that unless Congress steps in, it will shut down this winter. Winter? That means Christmas. OK. Packages, Christmas cards and the likes could come to a screeching halt.

Has any one thought this out? Well yes. Right now they are reaching the 9.2 billion mark in the deficit column. And they have already shut down or will close 3700 offices, laid off 120,000 workers and are eliminating Saturday delivery. But will it be enough?

3 weeks from this Friday, the Postal Service has a 5.5 billion payment due to cover future benefits for it retirees including health care. Now that will not be the long lasting problem. Later on it will mean no gas for the trucks to pick up and deliver, and no pay checks to the remaining employees.

How long do you think a Government shut down will last before some one in a position of authority does something? Will it be when they do not receive that document they need? How about the hundreds of thousands that rely on the white truck to roll around on the beginning of the month to drop off that so important check?

You may want to plan ahead with your bills. Maybe check into the paperless method and online banking with the same companies as well. I hope this does not happen. I know a lot of people that work and have worked for Mr. Zip.

Now back to Christmas. I think I will send my cards out by the end of this month. Hopefully they will make their destination by the holidays.



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