There’s no turning back for The Walking Dead Season 7, especially with just over a month before Negan’s victim finally steps (or kneels) forward. Kicking off the final countdown is some stylish new Negan key art, along with a Kingdom-centric new promo to establish the enigmatic Ezekiel, and his fearsome companion.

Naturally, The Walking Dead has little choice but to stick with its promo strategy thus far, utilizing only Negan, his men and those not present for the deadly lineup. One could read into the poster’s “just getting started” tagline as a promise of many seasons to come, but we’re more interested in the new footage below:

So reads the new synopsis:

The first half of Season 7 sees the group fractured, broken, bereaved, and picking up the pieces while living under the thumb of oppression. Negan will have successfully brought the survivors under his will, brutally convincing them to live under his rules with a deadly and horrific example of what happens if they don’t.

Elsewhere of The Walking Dead Season 7, we know that new series regulars include Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Austin Amelio (Dwight), Tom Payne (Jesus) and Xander Berkeley (Gregory). Khary Payton has also joined in the role of King Ezekiel, while Season 7 has gone to great lengths to conceal Negan’s final victim, shooting death scenes with all of the main cast.

The Walking Dead will return on October 23, but what do we make of Season 7 so far?

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