As vaccines continue to roll out and confirmed tested cased of the rona continue to dwindle, am I the only one thinking we continue social distancing as the new normal from here on out? Even after the pandemic becomes something we talk about as it once "happened long ago," I think I enjoy the additional space this practice provides.

My name is Kelso, and I don't like being around people. Not all people, just people I don't know. Like when you're in line for something, I hated being crowded even before this virus was released into the wild. Especially when a taller mouth-breathing neanderthal was close enough I could feel their breath on the back of my neck... you know what I'm talking about.

While I enjoy experiencing events and such, I've really sort of discovered something new about myself over this pandemic thing. While we all complained about the cancellation of everything, I realized how much I enjoy being at home where it's quiet. Where I can hear myself think with my indoor inner monologue. Where I can lounge for a night if I want, or make as much noise in the garage if that's what the activities bring. I've gotten to know my neighbors better over the last year, and going against the publics popular belief, having and being a neighbor is pretty awesome. Or I just have all the good neighbors, your mileage may vary... the point being, social distancing has perhaps been a good thing for all of us. I don't see nearly as many fights in Walmart as I used to prior to this virus, and I can't tell you how nice it is to have my own space between the person in front and directly behind me has been. What do you think? Is social distancing just the new normal? Or do you miss that hot breath on your nape?

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