Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. We're having a weather delay at Rocklahoma 2021. They've asked everyone to return to their campsites or vehicles until weather conditions improve. Hopefully it will be a short delay. I don't think I've been to a Rocklahoma yet that didn't have some sort of weather issue or delay. You get use to it, especially if you're from Oklahoma. The weather is anything but predictable.


With the weather delay festival organizers are hard at work behind scenes figuring out the schedule and re-working the slots and stage times for all three stages. Once the lightning moves out which is the biggest concern the rock will resume. The best way to stay up to date with all things ROK21 including the weather is by downloading the official Rocklahoma mobile app. To get the app all you have to do is go to the App Store or Google Play. If you have an iPhone grab it here if you have an Android get it here. It quick, easy and free to download and use. You can also visit the Rocklahoma Facebook page for updates and schedule changes.

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You can blame me for the weather delay. I was just saying that moving the festival from May to September reduces the chance of delays due to severe weather. You're welcome! I accidentally spoke it into the universe and low and behold it came to pass. While you're stuck at the campsite or in your car check out all the the galleries and photos from day one of ROK21. Click here to see Rob Zombie on the Freedom Stage. We've got pics of Tremonti on the Renegade Stage, There's Sevendust on the Freedom Stage and kicking off the main stage yesterday Ayron Jones. We have some amazing photos from day one at Rocklahoma 2021.

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