Weird Al Yankovic has gone ahead and made the Hamilton soundtrack into a polka-painted affair, which means the country's founding fathers are either partying or rolling in their graves.

As part of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “#HamilDrop” series, through which the broadway show's creator is unveiling reimagined Hamilton tracks monthly through December, Weird Al has taken a crack at Miranda's score. And he certainly doesn't hold back — in his newly released production, he tackles "The Room Where It Happens," "The Schuyler Sisters," "My Shot," "Wait For It," and more with signature bizarre flair.

And listeners of the track had a field day with the arrangement, which relies heavily on an accordion.

"Awesome medley, Weird Al is amazing and hilarious:) This is great quality content right here:)" one YouTube commenter noted, while another wrote "I can see Lin Manuel Miranda just fangirling bouncing in his seat."

And Miranda is, in fact, a huge fan of Yankovic's — the two were actually hanging out together when they both learned they'd be getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Miranda also joined Yankovic on-stage at a 2016 concert at New York City's Radio City Music Hall.

Miranda and Yankovic will visit The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon together on March 2, according to Playbill.

Check out the very colorful track above, and tell us if it's a swing and a miss or a home run.

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