It's always good to know about the pace in which you live.  I think we should start a new series on this site that highlights local communities, at least in how they are presented online.  Today, we're looking at Lawton, Oklahoma on Wikipedia.  So, we know the info might be pretty much true, for the most part. . .

Here are the things I might have known at one time but forgot about and found interesting:

  1. Lawton is the 5th largest city in Oklahoma.  Ok, I knew that one but it is still pretty interesting.
  2. The Pawnee name of Lawton is Raaríhtaaru
  3. Major General Henry Ware Lawton was killed in action in the Philippine-American War.  The part I didn't know here was that there was a Philippine-American War.
  4. Camp Doniphan was active until 1922 to help support WWI.  It was motivated, in part, because of the 5 million gallons of water from Lake Lawtonka.
  5. The area consists mostly of Permian Post Oak Conglomerate Limestone.  I don't know what that actually is but assume it can build nice courthouses.
  6. The average mean temperature is 61.9 degrees.  We average 21 days with temperatures above 100 degrees.  Seems like a lot more, right??
  7. 15.8% of households are female-led with no husband / man present.
  8. Average family size is 3.08 people.
  9. For every 100 women, there are 108.1 men.
  10. In 2013, Lawton was ranked the 8th most dangerous city in the United States for women.  This is a list for which we do NOT want to be in the top 10!  What the heck?!
  11. Joan Crawford lived in Lawton?  Wow.
  12. Our sister city is Güllesheim, Rhineland-Palatinate which sounds like it should have a rainbow bridge attached to it somewhere.

Anything about Lawton that I missed that you find interesting?