According to the website, The Studio Hush is “Southwest Oklahoma’s first Image Consulting Studio.” Comprised of licensed cosmetologists, makeup artists, aestheticians & style experts; the professionals at The Studio Hush Image Consulting Firm specialize in providing expert consultations that cater to your specific needs.

Their extensive background in style and beauty; coupled with their frequent participation in continuing education gives each of them the ability to work with a variety of clients from various professions. From media personalities & professional speakers, to corporate professionals & politicians; The Studio Hush offers a level of consulting that “exceeds even the most demanding standards.”

The inclusivity of The Studio Hush Image Consulting Firm also allows for men, women, teens & children of all shapes, sizes & textures to benefit from their expertise as well. Whether it’s hair, make-up, spa services, a quick touch-up or a completely transforming makeover; if image is important to you, the highly trained experts at The Studio Hush are dedicated to helping facilitate the magnificence of your beauty, inside and out.

My Beauty Evolution-Revolution with The Studio Hush

An evolution is described as: The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. A revolution is defined as: A change that occurs rapidly and massively, leading to a fundamental transformation of society.

As a multi-faceted media personality, I am working with The Studio Hush to explore and discover the evolution of my own personal brand internally & externally. More importantly, I am on a revolutionary quest to confront some very specific societal standards of beauty; as it pertains to my desire to pursue a career in the music, film & entertainment industry.

If You Don’t Feel Good, We Don’t Look Good

One day I woke up and said to myself, “Wow, Tanika! You’ve really let yourself go.” I’m not real sure when it happened exactly, but fact is… it did. Over the years, I think I gradually just stopped caring about my image & started to care more about what I looked like on paper.

My goals in motherhood, education, career, entrepreneurship, & pursuing my dreams took precedence. My image subsequently fell by the wayside. I low-key felt that being successful at all these things had absolutely nothing to do with the way that I looked. So…so what?!

It’s not that I walk around looking disheveled on a regular basis... or at least I try not to. But, with life, earning my degree, interning & working at the radio station, producing films and being a single-mother homeschooling my kid who’s now pursuing her own college degree; I realized I just became super casual. Gore-Tex & Sweats became my go-to wardrobe of choice.

Reinterpreting “Beautiful,” One Consultation at a Time

The radio environment is a relaxed one. It’s not like the “microscope” of television where people see & judge you every day. At least, that’s how it used to be. With the introduction of the various digital & multimedia platforms; i.e. Online, Instagram, Facebook & FB Live, Twitter, Snap Chat etc.; now, being “seen” in radio is very much a real thing. When someone says, “Oh! You have a face for radio.” It’s not a compliment.’s actually quite the serious burrrrn!

As a woman, fighting to adhere to what society says is ‘good enough’ as it pertains to beauty is exhausting. It’s subjective, flawed, misogynistic (sometimes), unrealistic and it seemingly holds millions of women (& men) prisoner as they try to live up to these impractical, unrealistic standards.

I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am not your expectations. I am the soul that lives within. ~India Irie

These impracticalities become a real problem when it begins to affect your health, your finances and your mental health and well-being.

Squad Goals

The Studio Hush is helping me solve this issue. It’s one thing to lose weight & look good from the outside, but if I do not feel good on the inside, then honestly, the cosmetic don’t really matter. Although, I do think the two go hand in hand. In my line of work, the better you are at both, the more successful your career. You really can’t have one without the other.

The  Studio Hush has supported and pushed-thru for me in so many ways that I cannot even imagine. One of my most ambitious endeavors that required professionally slayed hair, makeup, wardrobe & styling; it was all done by the professionals at The Studio Hush. Not only are they about style and healthy hair practices when it comes to their clients; they’re also about being healthy mentally, spiritually and intellectually as well. I like to think of The Studio Hush as my “sister circle, safe-space.”

Ahead of the Trends, Ahead of The Game

Staying on top & ahead of what is considered to be “En Vogue” as it pertains to the latest industry trends; the women of the Studio Hush are in fact themselves, trendsetters. From professional top-of-the-line products, to products made & designed with all-natural ingredients by the stylists themselves; you can also enjoy advanced Makeup Classes full of helpful tips that are not only educational, but also fun!

Have an event coming up and you need to look & feel your best? Then come to The Studio Hush located at 4404 NW Cache Rd, Suite 5; & let The Studio Hush glam squad help get you right, inside and out!

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