There are a few things that I will always remember & appreciate about my time here in Oklahoma: Earning my college degree & using the skills I learned to create, direct & edit videos. Interning for & getting a job at Townsquare Media & building my career in radio. Discovering & developing an amazing relationship with the members of my most favorite indie band, We Are Band Nerds. And…the Toughman Competition. This post & the above video is in appreciation of all these particular things that I have acquired & grown to love.

What Is Toughman?

The Toughman Competition might seem a little strange in terms of my personal interests, but oddly enough, it is indeed a fact. Although I’ve never really been into or had any genuine interest in scripted fights, i.e. the world of WWE; I have however, always been into boxing & MMA for as long as I can remember. That’s why when I came to Oklahoma & discovered The Toughman Competition, I was hooked!

The Fighters...or Not

Also known as Super Fight Night, Toughman is basically a Battle-Royale of basics: your neighborhood plumber (who can’t seem to pull his pants ever), the grocery store cashier (who talks way too much at the checkout), the stoner-pizza guy (who always seems like he either ate or at the very least licked your food before he delivered it to you), or your lazy asf  “cousin Pookie” who can’t get a job to save his life, but he sure can fight his ass off!

Okay, okay, you may think I’m exaggerating about these characters, but, probably not; I am kidding though…but only a little. Toughman is a Royal Rumble of your average Joes; non-professional fighters looking to win some money simply for being good at fisticuffs. You bout’ that molliwop-life? You too could get a bag!

The Rules

It usually consists of about 25-30 fights… men & women, 16 oz gloves – headgear boxing only. 3 - one-minute rounds; no kicking, no biting, no shoving, nor wrestling; you must be at least 18, but there is no maximum age; so yes, Grandpa could very-well be in the ring knocking out his grandson… or, grandpa might himself get knocked tf out! Who’s to say. It’s wild, it's messy, it’s amateur and it’s incredibly entertaining while also being equally horrifying (depending on the fighting skills of a mis-matched bout). And for good measure, they usually also feature a few pro-kickboxing MMA fights as well.

For Charity

This year, Toughman 2019 was also for a charitable cause. It was in support of Bubba "The Menace" McDaniel, a former UFC mixed martial artist; and the Justice for Wilder Campaign. A grassroots movement created in honor of and to seek justice for the death of McDaniel's two-year-old little boy who died under suspicious circumstances.

Touted as the “biggest, baddest, best fight card in the region” The Toughman Competition is definitely something you should check out if you’re ever in this part of the country.

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