Is Love Worth the Sacrifice?

What kind of sacrifices would you make for the man you love? In today’s day and age, a more politically correct question would be: What would you be willing to give up for your spouse or lover? Would you give up your career? Your hobbies? Your identity? Your social media? Your independence? I realize both men and women have to face these types of decisions when the life of the person you are with takes precedence; but either way, you get the idea. When the reality of their way of life must consume your entire existence…what would you be willing to give up?

Give It All Up for The One You Love

I ask myself this question when I think of the situation with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It was recently announced that Meghan decided to wipe all of her social media accounts clean. “They” say, (i.e. the royal family PR machine), no one told her to do this and that it was “all her decision.” Yeah, right. The one thing that is still extremely dated about that entire family is their lack of desire for individuality. Everyone does what they are told if they want to stay in the good graces of the hierarchy.

Individualism is not a part of protocol. No one in the royal family has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account. They don’t have any individual form of social media at all. The Palace does have a general social media account that lets the public know of the goings-on of The Royal Family as a whole; but none of them individually have any form of social media whatsoever. Any information that gets out or is released to the public must be sanitized and approved.

Is Love Worth Reinventing Yourself

It goes without saying that the protocol of the royal family is deeply rooted in tradition, but their protocol also seems terribly antiquated. Insert the Cinderella love story narrative of Meghan Markle; and the royal family seem almost revolutionary…okay-okay, maybe that’s a stretch, let’s just say they almost seem non-traditionally up-to-date.

The engagement of Harry and Meghan represents a change in the mentality of the European First Family; one that not very many commoners are familiar with nor used to seeing from the otherwise conservative monarchy.

Harry professed to his family and to the world his love and devotion for Meghan. Meghan made certain sacrifices in order to “prove herself worthy” of Harry's devotion and to be with the man she loves.

Those who don’t get or agree with the crown had better fall in line. The Queen has spoken.

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