What is the American self-Help Movement? What does the term "self-help" mean? While researching what this movement was and its purpose, I came across a lot of books that spoke negatively of  this movement by saying it is a "sham" (Self-Help and Actualization Movement ), that it is in fact "hurting America by making us helpless," that it is "full of snake-oil charmers" and how the culture itself is basically "eroding our self- reliance."

Since when is improving oneself economically, intellectually, or emotionally a bad thing? Why is "pulling myself up by the boot-straps" only inspirational when it's said by some random politician on an election circuit? Am I to believe that I am not competent enough or possess the wherewithal to help myself?

The Cameron University Department of English and Foreign languages will present their research findings on this subject matter with a seminar titled: “In These Rooms: Narcotics Anonymous and the Discourse of the American Self-Help Movement.”

This presentation is on Thursday, January 18 at 3:30 p.m. It is open to the public at no charge and takes place in the CETES Conference Center.

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