So we're coming into Memorial Day weekend and you've decided to be a patriot and finally hang a flag at home... That's great! With the worry of pandemic, social distancing, and looming restrictions and guidelines, people are looking for a way to celebrate the most somber of all American holidays at home. Now in case you're a part of the 57% of Americans that doesn't know what Memorial Day is for, it's a day set aside to honor the memory of those who have fallen in service to our US military services. Naturally, flying a flag is the least you could do... but where do you find the right flag at the last minute?

Fun fact... In the state of Minnesota, it is illegal for retailers to sell an American flag that wasn't manufactured in this country. Why that's not a nationwide law I'll never understand, but USA made flags are actually easy to find on a whim. You just have to look for it.

Of course, you're probably thinking that that Made in USA stamp comes at a premium price, but that's not the case either. We can make 'em just as cheap and flimsy here as they do overseas, priced just about the same. In fact, Lowe's and Walmart both have US made flags available in Lawton under $10. The flag pole and mount might not be US made, but the flag is, and that's where it counts. Home depot also features a Made in USA flag for purchase. It's beautifully sewn with embroidered stars and the price reflects the labor it took to make it. It's roughly $40 with tax, available at our Lawton store while supplies last.

Since it is so last minute, you might just pop over and buy the cheapy for now and plan to do it right over Independence Day weekend. Online is where you'll find the high-quality flags that won't shred themselves in these winds, but it's too late now to have one shipped for the current holiday.

Fun fact #2... On Memorial Day Monday, there is a nationwide  moment of silence, officially dubbed the National Moment of Remembrance for those we're honoring... It happens at 3pm in each timezone. If you can, take a moment, look around, and realize it was ultimately possible because of those who ultimately gave their whole selves to this country.

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