Governor Greg Abbott announced yesterday (03-02-21) that the mask mandate in Texas is being lifted and that several other COVID-19 rules and restrictions would be repealed later this week. Gov. Abbott wants to open the state back up 100% and as you can imagine it's caused quite a bit of controversy and concern. Some agree, others disagree. We're finally starting to see COVID-19 numbers drop, but is it too soon?

A lot of people are talking about this and the big question some are asking is should Oklahoma follow suit and do away with mask mandates? Well, Oklahoma never had a mandatory mask mandate as far as state wide. Governor Kevin Stitt and Oklahoma legislators left it up to the individual cities, counties and towns. There have been statewide rules and restrictions on social distancing and limiting the capacity of certain businesses, restaurants and bars. But there never was a statewide mask mandate in Oklahoma.

Most, not all, COVID-19 mandates in Oklahoma have been issued at the local level. In Lawton we still have a mandatory mask mandate in affect that will continue until the COVID-19 cases drop to a level of 1.43 cases per 100k. At least that's what it was awhile back when the city council discussed it in December of last year. Not too sure when they plan to meet again to talk it over and decide if they want to to change it, or provide a clear date as to when the mask mandate will expire. That along with other various rules and regulations the city government has put in place throughout the pandemic.

We are starting to see a drop in cases and hospitalizations, plus with the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more and more available, maybe it's time start loosening up a little. So what do you think? Is it time to do away with mask mandates? Take the poll below and let us know your thoughts. 

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