I'm a sucker for a good accent.  I remember my phase with Italian pilots in Wichita Falls.  My brush with the British accent, my annoyance at the German and my indifference to the French.

A new survey of women around the world; conducted by The Register, reveals the Irish Brogue is the sexiest accent on the planet (hello Colin Ferrel).  This is the first year in many that French wasn't considered to be the hottest.  In this last poll, it was 4th.

Italian and Scottish were 2nd and 3rd and Australian was 5th.  The Mr. Darcy English accent was next followed by Swedish and Spanish.

The 9th is Welsh (which is less an accent than a constant abundance of phlegm in the back of the throat).

Barely making into the top 10 is the American accent.  It's hard to know which American accent represents the whole.   Pretty sure a Bostonian and a Texan wouldn't rank the same. . . . or be comprehensible to the other.

In celebration of the Irish Brogue (and mostly because it is really fun) I think we should all 'Talk Like The Irish' this St. Patrick's Day.  My accent sounds more like a pirate -- but it will be fun all the same!