It was an almost packed house Sunday night at the Great Plains Coliseum, as the WWE and NXT invaded Lawton. The audience was in high anticipation of an evening of thrills and spills and the superstars of the WWE and their NXT subdivision did not disappoint.

After Lillian Garcia got the crowd pumped with an incredible rendition of the National Anthem, the show got off to a slightly late start as New Day reportedly pulled a Spinal Tap backstage getting lost trying to find the ring. But after they got turned around, the former tag team champs hit the ring and the crowd rocked right along. They quickly turned the crowd against them with several anti-Oklahoma comments and the crowd began the answer to New Day's "New Day Rocks" chant. Just as New Day tried to convince the crowd they were the best singers of all time, Tag-Team Champs The Prime Time Players hit the ring and we were ready for the first match.

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Xavier Woods and Big E would represent the New Day in this match, with teammate Kofi Kingston on the floor at ringside. Woods led off the match against Darren Young for the PTP, and after some back and forth, Young tagged in partner Titus O'Neill who came in and cleaned house on both Woods and partner Big E. After the tag team champs dominated the match for some time, Kingston would make his presence known as he jumped up on the ring apron while the referee was distracted and would catch O'Neill to the back of the head. This would turn the tide in New Day's favor and the former champs would dominate for a while, especially after Kingston would catch O'Neill again, this time with a hot shot off the rope. O'Neill continue to muscle out of pin attempt after pin attempt, finally coming back escaping a Big E splash attempt to make it to his corner to tag in Young, who came in like a house-afire. Young would avoid a third attempt from Kingston, slip Wood's School Boy roll up, nailing him with a double knee to the mid-section, and roll Wood up for the three count.

Your winners, and still WWE Tag Team Champions, The Prime Time Players.

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Next up was Hollywood's favorite Money Maker and former cast member of The Real World, The Miz. The crowd was completely against the former Heavyweight Champion, and when his oponent, Fandango's music hit, the crowd was dancing right along with Fandango, the future competitor on Dancing with the Non-Stars.

Fandango came to the ring without his normally accompaning arm candy, Rosa Mendes, and The Miz was quick to announce that he too could dance, having studied at the New York School of Dance, and was a former understudy to Michael Flatley. At times the match resembled a dance off, at others it was a great technical match. Fandango took the early "lead" sending the Miz flying to the floor at the 5 minute mark. But Miz feigned injury as he climbed back in the ring, surprising his less experienced opponent and taking over. The crowd was completely behind Fandango, encouraging a short comeback, but Miz quickly reversed the moment by driving his opponent into opposite corners. Fandango recovered for two, 2 1/2 counts, but after Miz caught him with a short DDT, the end was just a Skull Crushing Finally away, which the Miz hit after a missed leap by Fandango off of the top rope and a grecco-roman thumb to the eye.

Your winner, and still irritating, The Miz.

After the match, The Miz went on the mic to insult Oklahoma, compare himself to Mark Wahlberg and then say there was no one in the building that could beat him.

The music of the Big Show hit and the 7' monster came out to silence the Miz with one punch. And the crowd cheered in appreciation. As the Show left ring side, he stopped to talk with fans, and picked up a 2-year boy standing on his chair at ring-side. The smile didn't leave that young man's face the rest of the night. A Big Show fan had been made for life.

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Lillian Garcia came back to the ring to promote the new season of Total Divas. Then Lillian introduced the next match featuring Naomi and the NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks, representing  B*A*D* (Beautiful and Dangerous) taking on Team Bella, the WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella and Alicia Fox. B*A*D* controlled the match early which featured probably four of the top athletically gifted wrestlers of the Diva division. Banks and Naomi dominated Fox for what seemed like an hour, but the crowd got behind the former Divas Champ and she fought her way to the corner to tag in Bella. Brie cleaned house and after Fox super kicked both Naomi and Tamina (the third member of B*A*D*) who was at ring side, Brie hit the Rack Attack on Banks and got the 1-2-3 for the win.

Your Winners, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox, Team Bella

Lillian Garcia returned to the ring to tell every one about Connor's Cure, the foundation set-up by the WWE to help fight Pediatric Cancer. Connor's Cure is named after Connor Micalek, a 6-year old WWE fan who passed away from cancer right after appearing at Wrestlemania in 2014. Connor was named to the WWE Hall of Fame in March. Garcia then introduced former NXT champion Kevin Owen for the next match. Owen has been embattled in rivalries lately with U.S. Champion John Cena, Cesaro, Ruschev, Shamus and basically any human that breaths. His opponent for the match, Cesaro, has been on quite a roll lately and as he hit the ring, Owens took to the floor.

Owen tried to overpower Cesaro early on,but quickly, but the Swiss Superman quickly taught him why he is known as the strongest man pound-for-pound in the WWE. Cesaro countered every punch, kick and stomp, but when Owen pulled him out on the floor, Cesaro was in his opponents yard. Once back in the ring, Owen used his size advantage to wear Cesaro down, not missing an opportunity at a cheap shot. After tossing Cesaro back outside the ring and using the ring post as a tag-team partner, Owen dominated the match back in the ring. He seemed to have his opponent right where he wanted him, which is usually when Cesaro is at his best. After a succession of European uppercuts turned the tide in Cesaro's favor, another cheap shot by Owens got him out of trouble. But try as he might, Owen could not put Cesaro away and a succession of 2 1/2 counts seemed to frustrate the rookie Owen. He slid out of the ring and walked away, choosing to accept a 10 count as opposed to losing by pin.

Your winner by count-out, Cesaro

Kevin Owen would run back in after the match, attempting a sneak-attack, but Cesaro was prepared for the assault, catching Owen with another upper-cut, before swinging him around the ring and tossing him back out to the floor.


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After intermission, Adam Rose and his new tag team partner, Justin Gabriel, came to the ring. Gabriel was introduced only as Rose's best friend, so you know that meant his expectancy as a tag team partner would be short lived. The crowd erupted when the music for the Mega-Powers hit and Damian Sandow and Curtis Axel came out. A pose off ensued and the crowd was quite obvious with its chant as to who it felt was the winner. Apparently, it felt Rose and Gabriel were a pair of Hoover vacuums.

Sandow and Axel dominated from the start with the Rose/Gabriel pairing getting only the occasional cheap shot in. A distraction by Rose and a cheap shot from Gabriel gave the new team the advantage and quick tags between the two kept them on top. Cheap shots and quick tags continued, including Sandow being knocked off the apron during a tag attempt. Gabriel and Rose continued the pose-off through out the match, to the audiences dismay. Axel would finally make it to the corner and the crowd erupted with the tag of Sandow. The former "Mizdow" would clean house, quickly bringing an end to the match with a Macho Man Elbow on Gabriel and a quick 1-2-3.

Your Winners, The Mega-Powers, Damian Sandow and Curtis Axel.

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Next up, it was the former and now current member of the Wyatt Family Luke Harper as he took on one half of the former WWE Tag Team Champions Jimi Uso. Harper had left the Wyatt Clan a year ago to head out on his own, but returned just last Sunday at the Battleground Pay-Per-View to help Bray Wyatt defeat Roman Reigns. Harper definitely had the superior size and strength in the match, but Uso, wrestling single as his brother Jaye recovers from injury, definitely had the speed advantage.

Harper pummeled Uso throughout the match, including a 9 1/2 count on the floor and several near falls in the ring. Uso rebounded for a few chops and punches, but after hitting Harper with a Somoan Drop seamed frustrated at the bigger man's resilience. Even a flying tackle on the outside followed by a pair of super kicks couldn't put the Wyatt Family big man down. One missed splash opportunity by Uso, followed by a clothesline that seemed to come from Harper's toes, and the former tag team champion fell to Luke Harper.

Your Winner, Luke Harper

Throughout the night, the crowd had been invited to vote via twitter on the stipulations for the main event. The two options were a conventional match or a falls counts anywhere, no holds barred, no count-out, no disqualification street fight between two former WWE champions, Randy Orton and Sheamus. And predictably, the audience voted for the street fight.

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The Celtic Warrior, Shamus came to the ring first, toting his "Money In The Bank" briefcase, which contains the contract he won which allows him to cash in for a championship match at any time he chooses. Sheamus demanded his music be turned back on after it was cut, only to hear Orton's entrance blare out instead. The crowd stood en masse and screamed its approval as the 12-time WWE World Champion hit the ring. The crowd began chanting immediately for "The Viper's" signature move, the R-K-O.

The Celtic Warrior seemed apprehensive to tie up with Orton early on, and The Viper seemed more than willing to play the waiting game. Sheamus took to the microphone, informing the audience that they needed to show respect to the "future WWE Champ", and that he hailed from the "greatest country in the world...IRELAND" and informed the standing crowd, what part of his under-tanned anatomy they could kiss. He attempted to leave the arena, ala Kevin Owen, but Orton cut him off, dragging his "arse" back to the ring. Orton then preceded to dominate the Irishman, pounding him in every corner, and out onto the floor, eventually slamming him on the entry ramp. Sheamus would regain control after recovering from the slam, driving Orton into the metal steps, then picking the steps up and crowning Orton with them.

Sheamus would continue to assault his opponent with a series of back breakers, the taking to him with a kendo stick that Orton had brought into the ring. An attempted comeback by Orton was thrarted with several flying elbows, and then kendo stick then came back into play. Instead of being used as a striking weapon, Sheamus decided to use the marshall arts weapon to try and choke out Orton, a move that is legal under street fight rules. Orton would gain control of the stick, and Sheamus would then begin begging for a time out (a move NOT legal under street fight rules). Orton turned the tables, getting his opponent in position for the dreaded R-K-O, one of the most feared moves in the WWE, but Sheamus escaped, grabbing a chair and bringing it into the ring to begin bludgeoning Orton with it.

After setting the chair up in corner, Sheamus walked right into a body slam. Orton, with the fans chanting their approval, then pulled a table from under the ring. Both wrestlers teased the table and the chair, going back and forth until finally, after suplexing Sheamus off of the top rope Orton ducked a spear and shoved his opponent through the table. Sheamus was stunned, but even a DDT from the middle rope couldn't do him in. After stunning Orton with a Celtic Cross, Sheamus charged right into Orton's trap, hitting him with the R-K-O finisher and the 1-2-3.

Your winner, Randy Orton.

From top to bottom it was a great show, in front of a very live, very appreciative audience. This was the first time the WWE had ever held a live event in Lawton, and from the response of the crowd and the wrestlers, it definitely won't be the last!

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