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WWE has fired wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, after a 2012 radio interview surfaced in which the Hall of Famer made several comments which contained uses of the "N-word".

In a statement issued earlier today, World Wrestling Entertainment announced it had terminated the contract of Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). The company emphasized its commitment to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of its employees, performers and fans.

Hogan came under fire after it was revealed he used the racial epithet several times during a radio interview in 2012. Hogan had commented that another wrestler, Booker T, used the word in relation to him. Hogan would use the word several more times in the interview asking why it acceptable for Booker T, who is African-American, to use the word, but not for him to use it.

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WWE has removed all traces of Hogan from their website. This is another tough hit for Hogan, the most popular in the company's history and arguably the most popular personality in the history of the business. The 6 time world champion and 2005 Hall of Fame inductee is currently embroiled in a $100 million lawsuit with home video company Gawker, over the release of an unapproved adult video featuring the wrestler.

Hogan had been appearing on the WWE competiton reality seriesTough Enough, as one of three judges. The program pits 12 young wrestlers in competitions to find the next WWE superstar. WWE has not announced Hogan's replacement on the series.

The WWE brings it Summer Slam Heat Wave Tour to the Great planes Colisseum this Sunday, July 26th. The tour is a lead in for their next big pay-per-view event, Slummer Slam, which is scheduled for August 23rd.