Halloween has two different types of lovers:

  1. Those who enjoy dressing up in costumes and parties
  2. People who love the spooky, haunting vibes and the excuse to delve a little deeper into their dark side

For those who love the strange, dark and mysterious, the Festival of Freaks is Oklahoma's perfect celebration for you.

B Houston Youtube
B Houston Youtube

Since 2020, the Festival of Freaks has been bringing together venders of all kinds, but all still family friendly. Throughout the day-long event, visitors can join in on the authentic belly-dancing performances or take your chances in the hardcore costume contests. But that's just brushing the surface.

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Vendors are not your typical dress and blanket sellers. In the past, the festival has had people like Kaci Burr, a young lady who makes jewelry and displays from real insects that she preserves in a resin process of her own. "They are preserved and they look just like they did in life, like their wings, their shell, their color everything," she said in an interview with Only in Oklahoma.


For anyone who has always wanted their palm read or fortune told, they've brought every year before and I have no doubt that they'll be doing it again this year. They've also had levitating wand shows, contortionists and more odd acts.

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The idea of the event is to celebrate the unique and colorful, so there's more than just scary, spooky vendors. Many make their own unique art or products.

There's no telling what different kinds of shows and vendors they'll have for the 2024 festival. Although the entire list of vendors and shows haven't been released yet, the event will for sure will be in Oklahoma City on October 26, 2024.

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