According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for Violent and Property Crimes reported, statistics show that crime dropped a little bit in 2013 around the country overall.

Using the Oklahoma 2013 report, and comparing it with the Oklahoma 2012 report, we took the cities that had a population of 10,000 and over then added up the number of violent and property crimes to get a total crime number. We then took that total number and divided it by population and multiplied by 1000 to get our rate as this is one of most commonly used formulas by home security companies and crime agencies to determine rate.

As a note, this ranking is not a critique of police practices or effectiveness. It is simply a rough analysis of where crimes occurred. That said this list should also not be seen as a complete and accurate list as there are many ways to determine a city's crime rate as each person uses different formulas to determine that rate.

  • 1


    Ardmore tops the list as most dangerous in Oklahoma with a rate of 82 per 1,000 residents. With this formula Ardmore's rate went up 9 points from their 2012 report.

  • 2


    Ada's rating was 65 per 1,000 residents. Ada went up 4 points compared to 2012.

  • 3


    Tulsa rating was 63 per 1,000 residents. Tulsa went up by 1 point from 2012.

  • 4

    Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City has a 62 per 1,000 rating. This dropped 7 points compared to the 2012. Oklahoma City also saw an increase in population as well as a decrease in total reported crimes that involved violent and property.

  • 5


    Shawnee's rating is 61 per 1,000. The rating dropped 5 points from 2012 as Shawnee saw a decrease in reported violent crimes.

  • 6


    Lawton's rating is 60 per 1,000. It went down two points from last year. Although violent crimes reported had very little change (a difference of 1), Lawton saw a slight decrease in property crimes.

  • 7

    Midwest City

    Midwest City has a rating of 58 per 1,000. Midwest City saw no change from last year in terms of rating. However, in terms of crimes reported violent crimes went up as property crimes went down.

  • 8


    Muskogee has a rating of 53 per 1,000. This city saw decreases from across the board. Population went down, violent crimes went down and property crime went down. Their 2012 rating was 62 per 1,000

  • 9


    Enid has a rating of 50 per 1,000. Enid received a 7 point increase from their 2012 ratings seeing increase from population and total crimes reported.

  • 10


    Moore has a rating of 32 per 1,000. Although not exactly has high as the other nine on the list, this is the highest of the low with the criteria we used to make this list. Although Moore has increased in population, it decreased in its total crimes reported, with property crime being the most significant decrease. Moore went down 12 points from its 2012 rating.