Nearly a year after the digging up and opening an Oklahoma City time capsule, researchers are getting a glimpse at what their town was like in the early 20th century. Found inside the time capsule was a Kodak Vest Pocket Camera and eight negatives found in "pristine condition".

Buried on April 18th, 1913, the chest was carefully packed with a bunch of items you would expect to find in early 20th century Oklahoma City, from newspapers to children’s toys. Probably the most exciting included item that was found inside was the extremely popular $6 (around $140 in today’s money) Vest Pocket Camera that Kodak released to the public just a year before the capsule was sealed and buried. Found in mint condition and used only once for the taking of the photographs inside, the Vest Pocket Camera was wrapped inside a Westfall Drugstore bag (the store at where it had been purchased just hours before being buried) and contained eight already developed photographs of downtown Oklahoma City from that day.

Source: NewsOK