I'm not sure how a beer sandwich would taste, because I've never had the option to try it. Now I do, but it ain't cheap. 

An Italian company has created the world's first spreadable beer. They figured out a way to turn beer into a "sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and full-bodied taste."

It comes in both dark beer flavor and light beer flavor, and they say you can use it for anything: Spread it on bread, frost a cake, eat it with cheese, whatever you so desire.

Unfortunately, the only way to get it for now it is to buy it from Europe. A 10-ounce jar would only cost $12.40 if you lived over there, but it'll cost you nearly $40 to have it shipped here.

So I must ask the inevitable. Would you be willing to try this on a sandwich? Or maybe have it along side the salsa  and ranch dip on a party tray?