You have to know things are bad in Detroit if houses are trading for a new iPhone 6!

Described in its selling points as a three bedroom, one and a half bath house, this little gem is quite a steal! It's 1200 square feet, has a two car garage, and even features a cozy basement.

UPDATE: As it turns out, after this trade listing went viral, the house sold, and the owner just happened to get his free iPhone 6 to go along with it.

No, it's not photoshopped... Yes, it's very real... You can check it out yourself here.

Unfortunately, Detroit is one of the hardest hit places in America. Try as they might, the people there are still suffering from the political bobble that was the "2008 Stimulus." But that's not even close to when Detroit started falling off the map.

As technology was developed in the "car-capitol" of our United States, job after job was turned over to machines. Assembly lines became more efficient. The term "less is more" became a standard of industry. Doing more work with less worker equals more money.

Since its highest point, Detroits job availability and population have drastically dwindled since 1950. A 63% loss of people to be exact. And those numbers don't just represent the auto industries... it reflects all jobs in Detroit. Police, fire, medical, civil, private sector, etc...

With less police officers on the streets to do their job, violent crime has risen substantially. You have a 1 in 7 chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Detroit. The shrinking police force can't hardly keep up anymore.

In fact, Detroit has the lowest average of 'case clearance' rate in our nation. That goes to show that many cases of violent and property crime goes completely unsolved. It's a travesty. As the violence goes up, the population continues to dwindle.

That leads us to now, where you can literally buy a house in Detroit for an iPhone 6 or 32gb iPad.

Times are still rough.