Today could be the day the music dies at MacArthur High School. Sometime around 6:00 pm last night, August 20, and this morning at 6:40 am, the trailer containing all of the band equipment for MHS was stolen from the school.

Larry Hatch, Band Director from Mac, said that he got to school early this morning to get some things done before classes and found that the plain white trailer with no markings was missing. The Highlander Regiment Drum Line rehearsed until 5:30 pm last night and a band member remembers seeing the trailer at 6:00 pm on their way to church.

As you can imagine, with the onset of High School football and marching season, this is a devastating loss to an already financially strapped activity fund.

If you have any information regarding the missing trailer and instruments please contact the authorities immediately at (580) 581-3271, Lawton Police Department, or MacArthur High School (580)-355-5230