For a third year in a roll, families with an active duty military member will be able to visit around 1,600 museums at no cost.  This is a program set up and run by Blue Star Museums and participation has almost doubled in the last year.

And, it works.  The year my sweet husband retired from active duty, we made a huge road trip to Pennsylvania to visit his family.  During his terminal leave, we went through several museums in Oklahoma City, Kansas, Virginia, Washington DC and Philadelphia.  All free because of their participation in the Blue Star Museum program and The Darin's active duty status.

The program is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day all across the United States.  This is the second big program being announced in the 10 days.  Last week, the government announced free annual passes to national parks for military members.

So, before you finish planning that whirlwind summer vacation, make sure you check out the things you can do for free.  Children's museums, natural history, arts, science and more are all at your disposal, all across the country.