If you were in town over the weekend you probably heard and felt all the artillery from Fort Sill. Most of us, at least those of us who have lived here a while, or our whole lives are used to it and really don't think much of it. But what if you're new to Lawton, Fort SIll and have never been around the sounds of freedom before, I guess it could be a little unsettling. Maybe even a little scary if you aren't accustomed to being around it.

This past weekend, especially on Sunday Fort Sill was hitting it hard with some serious munitions. They were in the field doing exercises and it literally shook the ground. You could hear and feel all the artillery, or whatever it was they were shooting. It was AWESOME! Of course, there were a few people (Chads & Karens) who saw fit to jump online, hit all the feeds and forums, and complain about the noise and tremors.

Now to be fair some of these people may be new to the area and have never lived near a military base before. Either way, it was hilarious seeing all these people complain about the noise and earth shakes. A lot of them were saying they just wanted a peaceful Sunday and were angry that Ft. Sill was practicing, which disturbed their plans and relaxation. Seriously? Needless to say, those who thought it was a good idea to post negative comments and complain on social media about Fort Sill quickly regretted it.

Having grown up in a military family and living in Lawton, Fort Sill for over 35 plus years I don't even notice the noise of shelling or artillery most times. It's always funny when someone who's never been around the sound of freedom freaks out when they first hear and feel it "what the hell was that?"  Most of us would respond "what?" We're so used to it. Then we realize the person is talking about the noise and ground shaking and we just laugh and say "Oh that's just Fort Sill doing exercises, no big deal."

So if the sound of freedom disturbs you and your weekend plans for quiet relaxation you may want to consider a move. There will be times Fort Sill will be in the field on weekends doing exercises. It was funny to see all the responses these complaints got from U.S. Service Members and from locals. I'd be willing to bet these Chads and Karens will think twice before they start posting ridiculous comments and complaints online. My favorite comment from a soldier who replied back to the person was "Sorry our training in defending your freedoms got in the way of your weekend." EPIC!

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