If you've noticed a change in Alice Cooper's Facebook feed over the last few weeks, you aren't alone — and as Cooper admitted in a recent video post, there's a reason he's been using the social media service differently.

Unlike a lot of artists who tend to limit their activity to promotional posts — and often use teams of employees to manage their online presence — Cooper's been taking a more traditional approach to Facebooking lately, sharing memes and articles he deems interesting in between all the regularly scheduled Alice Cooper content. Although it's hard to imagine too many people complaining about this uncommonly personal touch, it's definitely taken a few fans off guard, and he took time to answer their questions in his video.

"When you have seven billion people on the planet, and they're all on the internet, and they're all posting things, you're going to find some of the dumbest stuff, and some of the most absurd — and some of the most startlingly real stuff," said Cooper in the clip. "You almost have to comment."

And as Cooper sees it, weighing in on those stories is a sort of modern spin on the songwriting tradition. "I find myself now making comments on just about anything that comes up, but especially the absurd stuff," he continued. "I really enjoy the 'What? Why would anybody do that? Why would anybody say that?' To me, that's where songs come from, is watching that. People are just a vast source of absurdity."

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