Toilet paper - almost everyone uses it, but do you put much thought into which brand you buy? Do you have a brand preference? Or do you just pick up the biggest and cheapest package available at Walmart  / Sam's Club or Costco? Nancy says she makes her purchase based on the color of the packaging - which in this case is purple.

Now I (and kids), like the same brand only in the blue packaging. Not sure if there is any difference or not. 2 ply, 3 ply. As long as it is soft.

Well the folks at Consumer Reports put on their lab coats and got to work pulling, stirring and yes - caressing various brands of toilet paper to find out which brands are the best.

You want to find the best? Look no further than Walmart. Their Great Value Ultra Strong (house brand)  and two other national products from White Cloud.

So what kind do you use? Is it based on softness? Price? Or you really don't care?