When you got to the store looking for toilet paper, are you looking for quality over quantity or quantity over cost? If you are shopping in Japan all bets are off. 

Hanebisho paper  is a premium toilet paper. First of all, it is made with imported Canadian wood pulp. Then purified with the cleanest water in Japan from the  Nyodo River.

After all that is said and done, it is sent to be dried in a heat and humidity controlled room for several days. The settings are altered daily to ensure the paper is perfect.

But wait, there's more.  Each roll is then signed and dated,by the maker before it is sent to the president of the company for final inspection. He has personally done this for the last 10 years, sampling the paper on his own skin to ensure it's softness.

The rolls are then sent to the design department, where 'the most fastidious of fastidious artisans' decorate them with intricate patterns, ensuring that the design remains stylish no matter where the toilet paper is torn. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

The packaging of Hanebisho is just as amazing as the product itself. Each roll is carefully wrapped in Tosa washi (a special Japanese paper from Kochi Prefecture) and placed in decorative boxes handmade by Kyoto artisans.

The inside of each box is covered with sliver leaf. According to the website, the toilet paper is 'the ultimate in softness and Japanese modern design' and feels 'as if your skin is being gently swathed in silk'.

But don’t take their word for it, the luxurious product has apparently been presented to the Emperor of Japan for five years, so if it’s good enough for his royal behind, you’re bound to love it yourself. You may have to wait though. Only 150 rolls are manufactured each day.

So when you go to the grocery store or to the big box store, are you going to get the normal ho hum paper? Or, will you get on their site and order a roll for yourself?