As Sunday nights big earthquake came and went, it was felt throughout much of the plains states, and fueled another round of waste water injection well debates online.

We've been over this a few times, and while the science isn't crystal clear, it's hard to keep ignoring the frequency and locations of these quakes. Not to discredit the science that has been done, just reinforce that there needs to be more. After all, how often do we figure out a solution and cause long after the accepted theories are debunked? The injection well theory is just too full of logic and common sense.

Much like climate change, it's ridiculous to think that man has no effect on the planet. Maybe not to the degree some science is speculating, but we definitely affect the rock we live upon. That being said, it's the constant bickering back and forth that leaves us in a limbo of zero change.

Sure, we may make small concessions here and there, but nothing really gets done when we mix in our politics. It's those party lines that keep change from happening on either side. Luckily, tomorrow we get to redirect these political lines tomorrow.