On Tuesday morning, search teams at Waurika Lake recovered the body of Colton Parnell, the 12-year-old boy who went missing on Saturday (June 8) while swimming in the lake with his cousin.

Colton and his family were camping at the Kiowa Park 1 area on the southwest side of Waurika Lake during a family reunion. Colton and his cousin Josiah - also 12 years old - were swimming about 30-40 yards from the lake shore when choppy waters pulled the boys further out, where they could not touch the bottom.

Family members and others saw the boys struggling and heard their cries for help.  About 30-40 people rushed into the water to help the boys, but Colton disappeared under the water before they could reach him. Nearby boaters were able to pull Josiah to safety. The rest of the party searched the nearby beaches for Colton.

Oklahoma Highway patrol lead a large search effort to find Colton. After diving and dragging the lake for over 2 days, Colton Parnell's body was discovered washed ashore near the same area where he went missing.

The rough choppy waters created an unsafe environment for swimming, and according to members of the reunion party, no warning signs were posted visibly near the water's edge.

A donation page for the Parnell family has been set up at gofundme.com to help offset the financial pressures that the family is facing.

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