The recent rain we've had was a good reminder of how much maintenance Cache Road needs in places. Not only the lakes that form across all three lanes in places, but the lane lines are so worn, you can't hardly see them when they're wet. This is especially noticeable at night. It may just be a trait of concrete roads vs blacktop roads, but when nobody can tell what lane they're in, things get hairy.

If the City of Lawton has some of that CIP money lying around after the purchase of the Central Mall against citizens wishes, this might be the perfect time for them to find a little redemption in doing something that actually makes sense for the people who live, work, and drive here. Maybe even take a clue from the Turnpike Authority.

When you travel to OKC, you may or may not have noticed that each lane line is striped twice. The normal traveling white painted line, but there's also an equally long stripe painted in black. You know why they laid that black line down? It's so you can see it when it's raining and the glare of oncoming headlights and such washes out the white lines. Maybe the city will spring for some pigmented paint to make that a thing down our biggest and busiest road. At a minimum, when you're driving in rainwater ponds a few inches deep, you'll still be able to see where your lane is. If one of the business-persons on the council wanted to show that they do actually have some skills, they might be able to save enough on the project to re-stripe Sheridan, 38th, and 11th Street too before being voted out of office.

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