So we saw a video online last week of someone trying to carve a pumpkin with a 22 rifle... That's cute, but how would a man carve a pumpkin with his favorite firearm? We loaded up and put these colorful squashes to the ultimate test!

It is truly amazing what you can do with a few rounds of hot lead and some spray paint.

Big thanks to the Faith Apostolic Center Wifi Youth Group Pumpkin Patch at Gore Blvd and Flower Mound Road. They hooked us up with these free pumpkins for a little Halloween mischief. Swing by there this week and pick yourself out a pumpkin or two. Prices start at 50 cents. Plus, for a dollar, you can just smash a pumpkin! They also have hay rides, pumpkin painting, and they play Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin every night in the patch at sunset. All of their proceeds will go towards getting their youth group the the National Youth Conference in Nashville.