Stride 4 Shelter Bubble Run Is This Saturday
The number of students in temporary housing, or homeless in Lawton Public Schools is shocking.  I had no idea that there were so many students that are left to fend for themselves.
The Key Clubs of Eisenhower and Lawton High Schools want to do something about it...
Recyling Survey
The city of Lawton has gone back to the drawing board when it comes to our city’s efforts to recycle.  The big bins in the park are gone after they were repeatedly used as just a general dumping ground instead of a real way to offer recycling options to the public.
If you want a …
Oklahoma Sunrises and Sunsets
I think we can all agree that most ever day in Southwest Oklahoma we are served some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets from around the world. Someone once told me it is because of our red dirt. The particles are in the air and the way the sun reflects off those particles gives us those brig…

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