The Darin and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary this month.  it's hard to believe it has only been eight years.  It moves so fast yet seems like it's been this way forever.

While I muse on that interesting paradox, I have one other big issue:  the anniversary present.

Traditionally, we do a summer project (I guess our first summer project was actually getting married).  Last year, we re-did the entry way and laid a new walk from the drive to the front door.  This year, we're thinking of skipping the work and just having some fun.

I went online today to see what the traditional gift is for year eight.

It's Pottery

Yeah.  That's right.  Pottery.

Does anyone know of a Kiln or a pottery wheel we can re-enact a really unfit and much uglier version of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze's scene in Ghost?  I'm not sure I could find that in Southwest Oklahoma.

So, I went online.  Pottery for men. . .


Interesting ideas, of course, but since Iron man was featured at least twice in the first two rows of images, I thought it might not be the best tact to take.  So, I decided I would do something a little different.   And, it all starts with a post we did on this website several months ago:  THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN OKLAHOMA. 

If you have read it yet, you should -- because the number one spot will probably be a surprise.

So, we're going to start with number one and we're going to go from there.  Each year, we're going to try and visit the 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma.  How many have you already visited?