By: Robert King

On Friday March 2nd I went to a fundraiser at the Lawton High School gym, where there was a students vs. teachers basketball game tournament.

The event was put on by Lawton High's Ignition Program, Cameron University's Sigma Tau  Gamma Fraternity and 1073 Popcrush to raise money for the Special Olympics, Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry and the C. Carter Crain homeless shelter.

I spent most of the time gathering video of the crowds and basketball games. I didn't even realize it was a 'live event' until the Monday after. Apparently a remote and live event are two different things. Tanika Gentry broadcasted live on 1073 Popcrush during the games, but I thought it was just another remote.

I enjoyed my time. I thought that Lawton High students showed a lot of school spirit. The tournament reminds me of fundraisers my high school did, except we played dodgeball instead of basketball.

I look forward to the fair this Saturday at Lawton High that will be put on by the same organizations listed above, to continue raising money for these wonderful charities.

Videos from the Fundraiser can be viewed here.

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