Joe Kent / Facebook

Have you ever misplaced or lost something of sentimental value to never find it again?

Well this local Waurika man's story of his lost class ring should give you a reason to keep looking and never lose hope. Sometimes it just takes time.

Thanks Joe Kent for this great story:

It was the fall of 1995, my Senior year in High School, and the week of the Ringling game. Every practice I'd take my class ring off and put it in my jeans pocket before I changed into my football gear.

After a draining practice, I didn't even bother changing out of my football pants and just went home with those on, carrying my jeans out. I got home and noticed my Class ring was not in my pocket, it was gone.

The next morning I left early and drove out by the field house and spent about half an hour looking around there for it. At 7th hour, before practice, I checked around my locker in the field house and the floors. Couldn't find it anywhere. After practice I searched the ground again. This went on for quite a while until I finally just assumed that someone had stolen it.

Fast forward to a little over 18 years later and I get a message on Facebook from Marlena Pointer asking me if I'd lost a class ring over by the football field, her Mom had found it metal detecting.

I was in shock, to say the least. Haven't seen it since the week of the Ringling game my Senior year and here it is, still intact and looks like it did last time I saw it.